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All of our Services are performed by highly skilled business IT professionals

  • Network Wiring

  • Server, PC, and Infrastructure need assesment, selection, and procurement

  • Hardware and Software Installation and Maintenance

  • Active Directory - Optimization

  • File Security Design and implementation

  • 3 Teir Data Backup and Reliablility Solutions

  • Health IT Security Risk Assessments (SRA)

  • Security Risk Reduction and Training

  • Disaster and Recovery Planning (DRP)

  • Equipment End-Of-Life and Disposal Readiness

  • Computer Helpdesk Support

  • Physical / Remote Access and Control systems


Design, Implementation and Maintenance. Our team has the expertise to get it done right the 1st time.


Protecting, Securing and Backing up your Data can be the difference between a small interuption in daily business activities and the total collapse of your business. Our professionals Design and implement a Private, Secure, 3 Teir Backup Solution and give you the tools to easily monitor  it's daily progress.


Planning, Designing, and implementing an IT infrastructor is the foundation of a fast, secure and reliable network.  Understanding your business needs and the technology available to meet those needs is key to getting this right.  Our Pro's know how to ask the right questions, and provide the right solutions to meet your need within your budget.


Understanding the implications of HIPAA(Health Information  Portability and Accountablity Act) and CIPA(Childrens Internet Protection Act) for Compliance is paramount in protecting your business and it's income.  Our highly skilled pro's can conduct a thorough Security Risk Assessment that will give you the confidence that your business is doing it's best to protect your PPHI, ePHI, PCI, CPI and more....


Failure to track, upgrade, update and repair IT systems as they fail and become outdated is epidemic amoung most businesses. Our pro's will design and implement a custom process for your business ensuring that systems are kept in working order, up to date, monitored and properly prepared & cleaned of data at End-Of-Life.


Cameras, Electronic(FOB, Fingerprint) Door Entry Systems, Bell Systems, Sprinkler Controls and more can be controlled by smart phones and desktop browsers. Tell us what you need to control and our pro's will desgin and implement the right solution, based on your needs and budget.


Business specific hardware and software are the lifeblood of many businesses.  Our pros are experts at finding and evaluating Hardware and software giving your business the confidence it needs in finding the right Hardware and Software solutions for your needs.

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